Learn how to apply the concept to the present-day classroom and support it with technology.

Pedagogy is defined as the method and practice of teaching, encompassing the various research-supported strategies, techniques, and principles that educators use to facilitate learning. Effective pedagogy takes into consideration students’ diverse learning styles, backgrounds, abilities, and preferences. 

But how do we apply this concept in special education classrooms specifically?

In this whitepaper, our experts have outlined: 

  • Ways to tailor pedagogy practices for special education
  • The evolution of our nation's special education classrooms
  • Finding focused software that supports these practices

Creating an engaging and supportive learning environment, employing individualized instructional methods, and assessing student progress can all be made more efficient with technology tailored for special educational needs. Get the paper to learn more! 

Elevating Education for Individuals with Autism and IDD

CentralReach is proud to partner with districts across the country to help meet the needs of students with autism and IDD. Our purpose-built solutions are designed to support the lifelong journey of individuals with autism and IDD care – at home, school, and in the community. Intuitive technology-based solutions equip educators with the tools and insights needed to measurably improve student outcomes and live more independent lives.

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