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“In the beginning, we were in a unique position. I’ve always been a clinical guy and have a lot of knowledge and experience as an ABA practitioner. Billing, however, was something that I knew was a deficit of mine, and I didn’t have a lot of knowledge in that area. I wanted a strong partner from the beginning, and that’s what brought me to CentralReach’s billing service, CR BillMax.” - Ben Nicholson, Owner & CEO of NorthPoint Pediatric Behavior Therapy

Finding the right managed billing partner can be the key to success for many ABA organizations. For Ben, working with CR BillMax helped his practice overcome complex billing challenges to successfully establish his business and provide superior services.

Within the first 6 months, Ben:

  • Got paid on 98.6% of billing
  • Grew and scaled the business without sacrificing the quality of care
  • Saved countless hours on billing processes
  • Learned the nuances of ABA billing through his partnership with CR BillMax experts 

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