The Evidence-Based ABA Assessment That Everyone Can Get Behind — Online!

Capture a complete picture of each student's abilities, faster and easier than ever. WebABLLS® and AFLSonline™ are proven assessment tools that provide educational teams with a comprehensive and robust platform for conducting assessments, generating reports, and guiding instruction.


Assess What Matters

Combined, WebABLLS® and AFLSonline™ track over 2,400 critical skills organized by key domains.

Track Critical Skills

WebABLLS® and AFLSonline™ are designed to track skills overtime, providing educational teams with historical insight on skill development.

Report Meaningful Data

Easily create customized reports, see up-to-date data on mastered and progressing skills on colorful Skill Tracking Grids, and so much more!

Teach and Intervene

Not only do the intuitive platforms provide instructional recommendations, educators have access to video tutorials, QuickTips, and so much more!

Analyze Progress

Powerful graphs and visual analytics represent student progress in multiple ways, empowering educational teams with the tools necessary to make data-based decisions.

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