Stress-Free Data Collection and Progress Monitoring

Don’t waste valuable hours on inadequate data collection. A centralized library of your ABA programs -- complete with targets and prompts that auto-advance or regress according to designated clinical criteria -- will save you time and headaches.


Electronically Upgrade Your Program Book
Leave paper binders in the rearview. Easily create client info sections, BIPs, and targets in any domain. Access data, read comments, modify programming, and more -- from anywhere.

Analyze Data Your Way with 20+ Graph Types
CentralReach documents raw data, digitally tracks times, and provides real-time graphing. Audit progress with ease and modify programming to provide the best care possible.

A Data Collection App That RBTs Enjoy
Behavior tech life isn’t easy. But data collection can be. Easily manage challenging behaviors, fade prompting, and follow program procedures

Cut Time Spent on Clinical Documentation in Half

If you tallied the hours spent on documentation at your practice each month, what would it add up to? Many of those hours are unbillable. Help reduce unbillable time with CentralReach.


Fast, Easy and Precise Documentation
Input client information and session details into documentation faster with re-usable templates that auto-fill with names, dates, bill codes, session data and clinical graphs.

Document Templates to Save BCBA Time
Create custom templates for each payor’s required documents, from assessment forms to insurance re-evaluations.

Never Dread Another Audit
Eliminate incomplete session notes -- CentralReach connects them to timesheets, so technicians know that notes must be submitted prior to getting paid.

Onboard, Train, and Retain Your Staff

With behavior technician turnover rates reaching 75%, you likely don’t have the extra time or resources to continually onboard new staff. Our Learning Management System handles that for you.


100+ ABA Courses to Certify and Develop Staff 
Out-of-the-box courses include the 40-hour RBT training, regulatory training courses, and all the supervision and ethics CEUs needed for the BCBA/BCaBA 2-year recertification cycle.

Manage New Hire Training with a Learning Management System
Deliver and track staff training. Create custom training courses with the option of 25+ interactive features.

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