The Evidence-Based ABA Assessment That Everyone Can Get Behind — Online!

Assess What Matters, Your Way

Identify areas of need across 4 categories: basic learner skills (and language), academic skills, self-help skills, and motor skills. Use the language you’re most comfortable with — English or Spanish — and view you’re most comfortable with to run the ABLLS-R® assessment.

Speed Up Administration and Report-Writing

WebABLLS online tools help clinicians and teachers quickly assess, track, analyze, report, and teach to the learner’s strengths and skills.

Align Everyone Around the Learner

Use the assessment that caregivers, insurance payors, school teachers, and intervention team members can get behind. WebABLLS tools and reports are easy for everyone to understand, including parents and caregivers.

Deliver Payor-Approved ABA Services

The proven ABLLS-R assessment is widely requested for ABA authorizations — and WebABLLS administration and analytics makes it easy to provide the reports insurance companies need to authorize or re-authorize services.

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