Provide compliant care, offline or online, from anywhere.

Easily Deliver ABA Therapy on Familiar Devices.

The easy-to-use app equips behavior technicians to access appointments and client contact information, take required signatures, see procedures and graphs, and collect 9+ ABA data types–including percent complete, task analysis, frequency, duration, and more.

Boost Productivity and Reduce Duplicative Effort.

There’s no need to re-enter data collected on the app. CR Mobile automatically syncs your data sheet, ABA progress, and appointment information (including geolocation) to CentralReach’s clinical and practice management system.

Get Reimbursed for Services More Rapidly.

CR Mobile speeds up successful claims submission. By sending key ABA progress data and appointment data right to CentralReach, CR Mobile gets you ready for rapid billing (and even payor audits) through a HIPAA-compliant platform.

Meet New EVV Compliance Requirements.

Collect all 6 data points – including geotagged start and end time, provider and client signatures, type of service, and date of service – required by Medicaid for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

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